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Are you in the business making large number of payouts to vendors, consumers or employees? Introducing PayPhi Payout which lets you glide through all the cumbersome process of payouts in minutes

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If you run a Business, you not only receive payments from consumers, but also make payouts. Outward payments made by businesses are called “Payouts”. These Payouts could be to your Customer, Employees, Partners & Vendors.

Businesses must take care of the various payouts to run smoothly, namely-

PayPhi Payouts – Full proofing your payouts



Perform payouts to accounts, cards, VPA using IMPS, UPI, NEFT & RTGS

Powerful Dashboard

Track all your accounts, transfers & balances in detail in one place

Start in Seconds

Add money to your account and start in minutes

Multi- functional portal

Track payouts, statements & download reports easily


Payouts anytime

Don’t worry about holidays, send payouts on 24X7 basis

Risk management

Approval workflows, beneficiary validation each time, threshold configurations

Simplified initiation

Bulk file, APIs, Insta and Self payouts

Timely Alerts

Instant alerts to keep you updated

Kinds of PayPhi Payouts

  • Bulk payouts - Payouts in bulk via a simple file upload

  • Scheduled payouts - Schedule future date payouts

  • Insta payouts - Single payouts using intuitive UI

  • Self payouts - Empower consumers to initiate self-payout

As Easy as ABC

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