PayPhi Digital Transformation Suite

PayPhi is a one of its kind end-to-end digital payments enablement platform that empowers businesses to successfully adopt digital payments and offer seamless experience to its consumers across all touchpoints: online, in-store, remote and doorstep; through a single, unified and an agile omnichannel platform.

PayPhi has been designed on the ethos of creating intuitive solutions that understand the ever-evolving nuances of digital payments across industries and embedding tailor made offerings suited for individual business flows thus meeting requirements and exceeding expectations of all stakeholders.

Everything Payments

Unified Omnichannel Payments

Need to enable payments on your website, mobile application or at your store?

PayPhi Gateway is an integrated platform that delivers a best-in-class consumer experience across channels for making payments. It can seamlessly integrate in your business for collecting payments online, in-store, remote or at doorstep. The gateway offers secure, frictionless and unified experience with payment acceptance across all acquiring channels and payment modes.

  • Fast digital on-boarding
  • API based reconciliation of collections and settlements
  • Gross, net and split settlements
  • Special transactions such as split collection and online refunds
  • Realtime dashboards
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Payment Orchestration - Phor

Optimize transactions and payment operations across all channels and PA/PGs

Navigating the complex payment processing landscape is a challenge for over 45% of businesses, hindered by diverse customer preferences, operational complexities, and regulatory changes.

Phor revolutionizes this with a unified payment orchestration layer, offering enhanced customer experiences, comprehensive payment modes, and optimized processing rates, simplifying payment operations for businesses globally.


  • Boosts success rates by up to 10%
  • Cuts back-office operation efforts by up to 60%
  • 70+ omnichannel payment instruments
  • Unified operations, analytics, orchestration and comprehensive transaction set
  • Smart routing to readily available PA/PGs
  • Advanced transaction routing for cost reduction and highest success rates
  • Single source of complete data to understand your customers better
  • Centralized tokenization platform across PA/PGs for better success rates
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Doorstep Payments

Need to collect payments at consumer doorstep?

PayPhi Doorstep offers an efficient alternate to cash-collections at doorstep of your consumers. It allows your consumers to pay digitally upon receipt of goods / services. The platform enables your agents to collect payments digitally in a contact or contactless manner as suited for your business requirements. It addresses cash collection challenges and simplifies your last mile operations.

  • Collect payments digitally at consumer doorstep
  • Eliminate cash handling costs
  • Realtime agent notifications
  • Zero network transaction confirmation
  • Three-way API based reconciliation
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Need to collect payments at recurring intervals from your consumers?

PayPhi Subscriptions enables you to set-up flexible subscription plans, automate your invoice generation and present invoices to your consumers enabling them to pay electronically at recurring intervals without any intervention from you. Powered by tools for auto collections using eNACH, UPI and other payment instruments the platform makes consumer payments easy and streamlines your recurring collections with 100% efficiency.

  • Flexible billing plans including billing heads & frequency
  • Invoice delivery to your consumers
  • Personalized consumer notifications, reminders & portals
  • Realtime dashboard to know your collections status
  • Single & multi-account settlements by income type
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B2B Payments

Are you a business needing to collect payments from other businesses?

PayPhi B2B empowers you with efficient invoice presentment, collection, settlement and funds reconciliation. The platform allows your customers to pay using business enabled instruments like corporate credit cards, dual authentication based current account internet banking and other instruments, streamlining receivables collection, resulting in improved cash flows. Utilization of hooks into your accounting system simplifies bookkeeping, financial audits and closures.

  • Customized single click e-invoice payments
  • API based integration with ERP systems
  • Realtime status on outstanding accounts receivables
  • Invoice level reconciliation
  • Multi-approval layer based high value payments
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Campaign Management - Camphire

Do you want to execute promotional offers and boost your sales?

With Camphire now deliver right offers to right customers at their preferred payment channels, with every campaign. Achieve 35% onwards campaign redemption rate, 50% and more gross merchandise value boost, 7x and more return on marketing investments and 70+ and growing omnichannel instruments integration.

  • Unify with payments and more
  • Configure extensively, personalize
  • Curate industry leading campaign experience for your customers
  • Deploy omnichannel campaigns
  • Analyze and optimize campaigns
  • Settle campaign transactions with your preferred payment aggregator
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Want to be RBI Complaint on the latest Card on File / Tokenization Guidelines?

PayPhi Tokenization Service enables your business to migrate to tokens instead of card-on-file and helps you comply with the RBI Guideline. Our platform is robust, safe, secure, reliable and a compliant digital payment solution for your business.

PayPhi Tokenization Service is a payment instrument token offering for Merchants and Payment Aggregators that facilitate secure token-based storage and retrieval of payment instruments along with seamless integration of EMV/Non-EMV token(s). You can simply integrate with PayPhi to generate tokens and process token-based transactions.

The features include –

  • Single interface for all major networks
  • Seamless integration with networks for EMV or Non-EMV tokens​
  • Lifecycle management of Tokens ​
  • Facilitate token transactions
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Are you in the business of making large number of Payouts to vendors, consumers, partners, or employees?

Introducing PayPhi Payout which lets you glide through your disbursements and eliminate all payouts hassles in minutes. Experience the platform manage your disbursements at the click of a button, using multiple payment instruments. All within your line-of-sight in a highly secure environment.

  • Takes care of all stakeholders – Consumer, Employee, Partner, Vendor, Loan Disbursement, Ecommerce Refunds & Insurance Claims
  • Performs versatile execution of Payouts to accounts, cards, VPA using IMPS, UPI, NEFT & RTGS
  • Add money to your account and start your process within minutes, on 24X7 basis.
  • Superior security protocols with approval workflows, beneficiary validation each time & threshold configuration
  • Simple 3 Step process – activate account, add desired funds & submit payout details
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