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omnichannel payment orchestrator

Optimize transactions and payment operations across all channels and PA/PGs

  • Boost success rates by up to 10%
  • Cut back-office operation efforts by up to 60%

More than 45% of businesses struggle with managing their payments.
Payment processing challenges involve:

  • Multiple touch points to reach consumers.
  • Diverse customer payment mode preferences.
  • Operationally taxing multi-channel consolidation.
  • Transaction failures affecting revenue.
  • Cumbersome integrations for new business launches.
  • Lack of personalized offerings due to fragmented data.
  • Incremental tech and ops to work with multiple PA/PGs.
  • Stringent regulatory changes.

Get started with Phor to process payments like the most advanced businesses around the globe:

  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Omnichannel comprehensive payment modes.
  • Centralized and seamless payment operations.
  • Complete control over data.
  • Scalable and flexible payment platform.
  • Optimized processing rates.
  • Enhanced authorization rates.

Phor provides a single unified omnichannel payment orchestration layer to take care of all your payment needs.


  • 70+ omnichannel payment instruments.
  • Unified operations, analytics, orchestration and comprehensive transaction set.
  • Low-code integrations Cloud and self-hosted.
  • Smart routing to readily available PA/PGs.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Rapid integration with new acquirers PA/PGs and the ecosystem.


  • Most comprehensive transaction set for all your consumer’s payment needs.
  • Single dashboard payment ops to say goodbye to logging into multiple portals.
  • Omnichannel integrated promotions to configure and create offers to boost sales.
  • Global payment acceptance to cater to your global audience.
  • Readily available PA/PGs to start immediately and eliminate dependence.
  • Advanced transaction routing for cost reduction and highest success rates.
  • Single source of complete data to understand your customers better.
  • Centralized tokenization platform across PA/PGs for better success rates.
  • Security and fraud management through compliance and ready integration hooks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is payments orchestration?
    Payment orchestration is the strategic coordination of various payment aggregators, gateways, providers, payment methods and channels. It ensures smooth handling of transactions, from authorization to settlement and more. By centralizing and optimizing payment processes through a single platform that comes with pre-integrated PA/PGs, businesses can achieve flexibility, control, efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences.
    What sets Phor apart from competitors in the payments orchestration space?
    Phor stands out in the payment orchestration sector by offering omni-channel transaction handling for a consistent experience across in-store, in-app, doorstep, and online channels. It ensures a frictionless payment process for customers and provides real-time analytics across all channels for informed business decisions. Additionally, Phor includes comprehensive PA/PG integrations for diverse payment processing, customized routing to meet specific payment and business needs, and integrated payment operations through a single dashboard to minimize operational efforts.
    What is omnichannel payments orchestration?
    Other orchestration solutions available focus solely on online transactions, our solution - Phor goes beyond. It equips businesses to integrate and optimize payment processing not only for online channels but also for in-store and doorstep transactions. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless payments across all touchpoints, providing further control, and efficiency.
    How does Phor work?
    Phor simplifies payment management by serving as a unified integration platform, eliminating the need for multiple connections. It supports omnichannel payments, ensuring a consistent experience whether online, in-store, or at the doorstep. With smart routing, it dynamically optimizes payment paths for higher success rates. Additionally, Phor centralizes payment operations, including transaction tracking, settlements, chargebacks, and refunds, all accessible through a single dashboard.
    What are the key benefits of Phor?
    Phor's key advantages include seamless omnichannel payments, eliminating the need for extra integrations with PA/PGs and payment modes. It boosts success rates by up to 10% and reduces both transaction processing and back-office costs. Additionally, Phor streamlines operations, centralizes data flow, and provides real-time insights.
    How does Phor reduce payment processing costs?
    Phor cuts payment processing costs by employing smart routing to direct transactions to the most cost-effective gateways, ensuring minimum threshold success ratio, minimizing downtime and loss. It leverages multiple PA/PG integrations to negotiate lower fees. Additionally, Phor streamlines payment management, reducing operational complexities and costs associated with multiple systems.
    How does Phor increase success rates?
    Phor enhances payment success rates by intelligently routing transactions to the highest performing gateways and employing real-time analytics to identify and suggest alternatives for poorly performing options. It supports a broad selection of payment methods, catering to various customer preferences and boosting conversions. Additionally, effective management of multiple payment gateways further improves success rates.
    What is smart transaction routing?
    Smart transaction routing in payment processing systems boosts transaction success rates and efficiency by automatically selecting the gateway with the highest success probability, using real-time data and historical performance. It reduces failure rates by circumventing gateway downtimes, enhances customer experience with higher approval rates, and routes transactions through cost-effective gateways to maintain success rates while optimizing costs.
    How does Phor simplify payment management?
    Phor streamlines payment management by offering a unified dashboard for overseeing authorization, routing, and settlement processes. It employs dynamic routing to enhance payment flows and conversion rates by directing payments through the optimal provider. Operations are consolidated onto a single platform, simplifying scaling and the handling of various payment methods. This orchestration improves customer experience through diverse payment options and streamlined checkouts, reducing cart abandonment. Additionally, it achieves cost efficiency by lowering the complexity and expenses of managing multiple payment integrations.
    How does Phor simplify payment operations?
    Phor streamlines payment operations for businesses by integrating multiple payment service providers (PSPs), acquirers, and banks into a unified orchestration layer, eliminating the complexity of managing numerous integrations. It offers readily available payment aggregators/payment gateways (PA/PGs) and seamless integration with PSPs, significantly reducing setup times and efforts. Additionally, a comprehensive dashboard centralizes the management of transactions, settlements, refunds, and reconciliation processes, serving as a one-stop solution that makes payment operations more efficient and less time-consuming.
    How does Phor handle multiple payment channels?
    Phor manages multiple payment channels by leveraging its omnichannel capabilities, which include integrating all channel-specific payment service providers (PSPs) into a single platform. This integration streamlines payment processes across various channels. It ensures a consistent and seamless payment experience across all touchpoints, boosting customer satisfaction. A centralized dashboard simplifies the monitoring and management of payment operations across these channels. Additionally, Phor consolidates data from all payment channels into a unified format, supporting improved analysis and decision-making.
    How does Phor enhance the checkout experience?
    Phor improves the checkout experience through multi-platform compatibility, ensuring a seamless payment process across different devices. It achieves high transaction success rates with advanced routing techniques and offers a broad spectrum of payment methods to cater to various preferences. The checkout interface is optimized for user-friendliness and intuition. Dynamic routing efficiently directs transactions through the best channels in real-time, while customer nudges inform users about unavailable payment options, suggesting alternatives. Furthermore, Phor includes a dashboard featuring detailed payment analytics, facilitating ongoing enhancement of the checkout experience.
    How does Phor help merchants offer diverse payment modes?
    Phor enables merchants to offer a wide array of payment modes by integrating a variety of Payment Aggregators and Gateways, allowing for multiple payment options. It continually broadens its network by incorporating new and leading payment services and actively updates its offerings with the latest payment methods to align with changing customer preferences. This strategy ensures merchants are well-equipped to satisfy diverse payment needs, thereby increasing customer convenience and satisfaction.
    How does Phor handle cross-border transactions?
    Phor handles cross-border transactions efficiently by integrating with global payment gateways such as MPGS and Cybersource. This integration enables Phor to offer a seamless payment experience across different countries and currencies, facilitating international payments for businesses looking to expand globally.
    Do merchants get access to the dashboard?
    Merchants have access to a dashboard in Phor, enabling streamlined management of transactions, settlements, and refunds across various payment platforms. This dashboard offers real-time insights into payment operations, simplifies reconciliation, and improves refund efficiency. Additionally, it provides analytics on payment performance, including transaction success rates and acquirer analysis, facilitating better operational control and customer service. This comprehensive tool enhances financial management and customer trust through its integrated operations and detailed insights.
    What reporting and analytics features are available?
    The dashboard offers a suite of reporting and analytics features for merchants to closely monitor and evaluate their payment operations, including transaction monitoring across payment platforms, success rate analysis by various filters, refunds tracking, acquirer performance assessments, and evaluation of payment mode effectiveness. These tools provide in-depth insights into payment processes, enabling merchants to make informed decisions to enhance their payment systems.
    How does Phor handle failed transactions?
    Phor addresses failed transactions through automated routing that redirects payments to the most efficient gateway in real time, minimizing disruptions. It provides real-time alerts to customers about failure-prone payment methods, suggesting alternatives for better success. Additionally, Phor offers analysis tools for understanding the causes of transaction failures and implements retry mechanisms that automatically attempt to process failed transactions through alternative routes, enhancing overall success rates.
    What integration options exists for merchants?
    Phor presents merchants with diverse integration options for their payment solutions, emphasizing ease and efficiency. The platform features a no-code setup for effortless management of various payment modes and partners, eliminating complex coding requirements. It offers quick integration, providing access to over 70 payment modes and key payment aggregators in under five minutes, thus saving considerable development time each year. Additionally, Phor's platform is fully customizable, enabling the use of multiple payment gateways, banks, and partners to cater to all customer payment preferences without the need for further integrations.
    How does Phor ensure scalability?
    Phor supports merchant scalability through its omnichannel payment orchestration, which consolidates multi-channel payment systems onto a single platform for efficient scaling. Its dynamic routing automatically identifies the best transaction paths to ensure high success rates. The platform offers a scalable and secure managed infrastructure designed to accommodate growth, alongside seamless integrations for easily adding new payment methods and providers. Moreover, Phor's efficient routing strategies help in reducing transaction costs, thereby facilitating smooth business expansion and the management of higher transaction volumes.
    Can a merchant keep track of how many transactions are being routed to a particular payment aggregator?
    Merchants can monitor transactions directed to specific payment aggregators using Phor's real-time dashboards, which provide tools for observing transaction activities, including how they're spread across various aggregators. Additionally, these dashboards offer analytics and reporting features for in-depth insights into transaction flows and aggregator performance. Phor also enables merchants to set customizable routing rules, allowing for the tracking of payment distribution among aggregators. An upcoming feature in the roadmap includes a routing algorithm that will let merchants configure the volume of transactions to be routed to particular Payment Aggregators or Payment Gateways.
    Whose payment page the end customer would see when making payments?
    When making payment to a merchant powered by Phor, the customers would see a consistent PhiCommerce payment page throughout the transaction journey. Merchants would also get an option to create customized payment pages with their branding if they are a PCI DSS compliant merchant.
    Can merchants set routing algorithms by different card schemes?
    Currently, merchants can set up different routing algorithms for different payment instruments and payment instrument sub-type.
    How do merchants get started with Phor?
    To get onboarded with Phor, merchants have to undergo an integration as they would typically do for onboarding a new payment aggregator.
    How long does it take to get started with Phor?
    The integration typically takes around a 7-10 business days if there are no extensive customizations involved.

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